BIMSafe Videos

Bimsafe 5

The BIMSafe project is excited to release the next four videos in our series.  These videos look at the reinforcing steel in ground beams, and where these connect to the structural steel and wall panels. The use of the BIM models enables prefabrication on site rather than in situ, which reduces high risk work and work in a confined space. The clash detection capability also significantly reduces the amount of rework required. The BIM model also reduces the gap between as planned and as built work, so that downstream work is not affected by what has been done previously.

Video 1 discusses how main contractors can use the BIM model for visualisation and safety planning.

Video 2 highlights the visualisation of the BIM model for effective project communication.

In Video 3, learn how BIM models enhance safety planning by facilitating collaboration among multiple consultants.

Video 4 explores the model interaction for safety planning between designers and contractors.

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