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BIMSafe NZ: Safety through Technology

BIMSafe NZ is a three year $1.7million project aimed to reduce construction industry accident and injury rates through the collaboration and communication powers of Building Information Modelling (BIM).

The project is a partnership between the Canterbury Safety Charter's Professional Services Working Group, and the Building Innovation Partnership at the University of Canterbury.

The project aims to change behavior in the way risks are identified, managed and communicated on construction sites in New Zealand.  Models and BIM processes are  commonplace through design and construction projects, they offer a common, single source of truth, displayed in a medium that breaks down most language and socio-economic boundaries; if you can see it, it is real.

Being able to visualise a potential health and safety issue prior to it being real or being in the real environment, discuss and action mitigations and educate workers on the remaining risks will directly reduce New Zealand’s dire accident rates on our construction sites.

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BIMSafe NZ Project Launch

BIMSafe NZ was launched on the 29th October 2021 at the Tait Technology Centre in Christchurch.

Brad Sara (Warren and Mahoney) and Kevin Hughes (BuildBIM), spoke about the use of BIM as an effective tool in the Health and Safety by Design Process. BIM allows powerful collaboration, visualisation, communication and management of risk, and the ability to use the model to plan and record safe work practices.

Professor Larry Bellamy (UC) spoke about BIM at the industry-technology interface and how the BIMSafe NZ Project aligns with the work of the Building Innovation Partnership (BIP) in accelerating the digitisation of the building industry in New Zealand.

James Jackson (Ngai-Tahu Property) spoke from a client perspective about how BIMSafe NZ aligns with the values of Ngai-Tahu. He also shared a video of the case study project - the new ACC Building in Dunedin.

Virginia Burton-Konia (ACC Workplace Safety Manager) spoke about how BIMSafe NZ will result in safer communities, and why we should be excited by the potential of this project in harnessing technology to reduce workplace harm.


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